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Course Overview

Personal styling is among one of the most common job opportunities that are available today to a fashion stylist, and the course explores this particular aspect that fashion stylists are exposed to in their careers.

Students will build confidence in understanding the human body and realise that what people wear is extremely important in designing their own image or someone else’s. Students will achieve an understanding of different body shapes along with the dos and don’ts of fashion styling. Basically, they will be able to develop a personal branding. The grooming module will help students learn how to groom themselves, while also exposing them on how to groom others. Students will develop awareness of a stylist’s job and learn about the possible career options after this weekend course.


  • Personal Styling
  • Power of Image
  • Grooming
  • Creative Studies

Course Outcome

Take a look at the career pathways that you can opt for after completing this course in Fashion Styling.

  • Understand how to style yourself or people around you.

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